Honourable Mention: Poetry & Players Poetry Competition 2015

Someone Else

The quilt still smells of you, but your bedroom walls
are pocked with blu-tack, football teams all gone.
They say you crossed the border, walked into Syria.
You will head home, I tell them. As you used to
come back from parties, drunk on girls and  spliffs.
You will come in, yawning, lifting the lids
of my saucepans, grabbing a spoon. I will say,
your father is worried.  Why are you breaking my heart?
It’s done.  It’s broken.  I was looking the wrong way,
like the guards at the airport.  They caught you on camera,
clear as the scan of my womb.  Now someone else
is being born, a boy with a gun, screaming obscenities.
And the view from your room is just the same:
that lilac bush, a blackbird, the washing line.