Winner of the Smarties Prize 9-11 age category 1993

Mark Robson is a loner. He's bullied at school and suffocated at home. But one day he has an experience that gives him a new perspective on life, a change that has implications for everyone around him

Listen to the Dark (1993, William Heinemann Ltd ) 

Thomas Ortellus sets out to find the mysterious Midwinter and save his land from vicious raiders. But his quest awakens an older and deeper conflict. Only by braving the peril of the forest can he learn the truth.

Midwinter (1997, Mammoth)  

When his older brother dies, Enoch Kirk is sent to stay on his uncle's  farm, where he is treated as a second-class citizen by all except his loving grandfather. Enoch's passion for learning is his one hope of escaping poverty and solving the mystery of his banished sister Polly. 

Just A Boy (2001, Mammoth)  

It is going to be a dreadful summer. Their father has retreated to Ireland and Helen and Teresa have had to move across town with their mother. Then Velsford bounds into their lives, awakening them to new beginnings.

A Summer Dance (1994, William Heinemann Ltd ) 

One night, Fran storms out of her home and meets the strange and elusive Michael, who has the power to grant her any wish who, in return, insists on a gift of his own choosing

A Gift for A Gift (1990, William Heinemann Ltd) 

Fifteen-year-old Robert, an ordinary village boy, travels to the capital city where, with the aid of magic, he conquers palace intrigue and discovers his destiny as the legendary Witch King.

Children's Fiction

The Witch King (1987, Orchard Books)